Your guide to Dublin’s Pubs

Did you know there are around 700 pubs in Dublin? With so many choices, we thought you could do with some unbiased recommendations for a great night out.

Gaelic folk music
Check out The Cobblestone, for traditional Irish music without any amplifiers. It’s where locals and tourists come together for live performances by leading Irish musicians and drink the legendary Guinness.

Rural touch
For a rural touch in the city, visit The Welcome Inn, which is just a stone’s throw away from the main drag of O’Connell Street. It’s perhaps the most economical pub in the city centre and a great hangout place.

Cozy and traditional
Toners Pub is famous for its half-wood, half-glass walls, flag-stone floors and a historical origin. You won’t find any TVs there. The atmosphere encourages conversation and social interaction. The place has been visited by a number of historical figures such as the renowned poet WB Yeats


O’Reilly’s bar is located under the Tara Street tram station. It’s a wonderful open space pub built under a 170-year-old arched ceiling. It’s got a neo-gothic decor frequented by students and city workers making it a great spot to rub shoulders with locals.

For a quiet drink
Martin B Slattery’s, in Rathmines district (mile-and-a-half south of central Dublin) is a great place for a quiet pint. Here you’ll find lifelong old fellas chatting and reading newspapers, and at night young visitors flock here for some great live music.

For youngsters

Peadar Kearney’s, is known for its friendly staff, vintage mirrors, old Guinness adverts, and giant barrel tables upstairs.  The ground floor is where the dance club is which draws some great DJs.


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