Drink like a Dubliner

Wanna drink like a Dubliner? Follow these tips to mix in with the locals when you are down the pub in Dublin.

Never tip the bartender
Would you tip another professional, such as a doctor or a barrister, for their services? No? So don’t tip the bartender in Dublin either. After imbibing a few pints, however, it is polite to get the bartender a round. What’s more live musicians may also be paid in pints. 😉

Say ‘cheers’ like a Dubliner
Wanna wish your fellow bar-goers well? Here’s a magic word in Gaelic: Sláinte! (pronounced SLAN-chə!)

It means: Health.

There’s nothing ‘authentic’ about drinking like crazy
Despite their reputation to the contrary, most Dubliners go to pubs not to get hammered but to socialise. The normal serving size is a pint, which is roughly 20 US ounces. Therefore, if you’d like something smaller, ask for “a glass”.

Alternatives to getting drunk

Alternatives to alcoholic drinks include sparkling water brands like Ballygowan, the low-alcoholic beer Kaliber (made by Guinness) and mixers like soda water and lime.

No catching the game
Although Dubliners are passionate about rugby and Gaelic football, which is another rugby-like sport, Tourists and visitors expecting to watch traditional football, or soccer, will often be disappointed. What’s more many of the traditional pubs in Dublin ban televisions.


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